Guild Themes

Ever seen a guild like "Followers of Elune" populated almost entirely by Humans and Dwarves? Or a guild like "Silver Hand Reborn" populated by Night Elf Hunters, and Mages? This is why there are multiple guilds in the Alliance, rather than just a single guild. You can choose the guild tag that fits your character, and still maintain contact with a group of roleplayers in the game to do things with.

Sisters of Elune Server

Stormwind Academy of Arcane Science

The Stormwind Academy of Arcane Science is a university dedicated to furthering our understanding of all forms of magic, both Arcane and Divine. The university hosts both lectures and discussions of theory as well as active in-the-field learning opportunities. We encourage all students to learn at their own pace and take initiative in seeking out new learning opportunities.

Even though we are a school for magic-users, we accept students from all walks of life. Anyone who wants to learn is welcome.

Sentinels of the Wildwood

Our members may come from disparate backgrounds, but all have one thing in common - concern for nature. This includes preserving the balance of nature, an abhorrence of wasteful destruction, and the willingness to take action to prevent destruction. However, just as wildfire is needed to make a forest healthy, it is important the individuals protecting the forest recognize creative destruction and not hinder its way. This is our primary calling beyond political boundaries, concerns of mortal factions, or our own desires. We serve whomever serves nature.

There is a second mission of the Sentinels, and this is one of patrolling the untouched and untraveled areas of wilderness to watch for signs of the Burning Legionís return. It is imperative that we discover all their hiding places before they become too large to be reliably eliminated. If a new camp of any of the Legionís minions or allies is discovered, the first priority is to send word. We must stand together and manage our resources well, or we will surely fall.

Silver Lance Cavalry

War is upon us, and the peoples of Azeroth are not prepared.

The humans have no leader, the gnomes have no city, the elves care for nothing but their own, and the dwarves are hiding in their mountain strongholds.

The Burning Legion is coming, and the Alliance is not prepared.

The Silver Lance Cavalry is a holy order of knights and clerics dedicated to being Azeroth's first line of defense against the demonic hordes.

Through force and faith, we hold the line against fire and shadow.

House Raine of Gilneas

At the height of human civilization, Gilneas was among the most prosperous of the nations, situated at a nexus of shipping routes over both land and sea. During that time, the anchor of House Raine flew over hundreds of seagoing vessels, warship and merchant ship alike. House Raine prospered with Gilneas in peace, and defended Gilneas in war.

After the Second War, Genn Greymane decided to close the borders of Gilneas and build a great wall to separate the nation from the rest of the mainland. The rest of humanity forgot about the little peninsula, so far removed from the front lines of battle, as they prepared to engage the new undead threat.

Almost nothing has been heard from Gilneas since the building of the Greymane Wall. Most people assume it came under attack from some unknown force, and was prevented from calling for aid by the very wall meant to keep it safe.

There is a rumor, however, whispered among merchants, sea captains, and those lucky enough to have ventured near the peninsula and come back alive that the last son of the once-proud House Raine is gathering together a mercenary army.

The anchor of House Raine flies again, and the secrets hidden behind Greymaneís wall will soon be revealed.

Silver Hand Server

Stormfeather Tribe

The storm is coming - perhaps you can feel it already?

Ties will be broken, oaths renounced, and all may come to ruin. In this world of change and uncertain alliances, Stormfeather Tribe stands as a sanctuary to those whose heart beats as ours. We seek to rise above petty squabbles and serve this world as protectors. We seek vengeance for treachery against the Earthmother, we walk with the spirits to come to know our way, we call upon the wind, the fire, the sea, and the earth to teach us where we must go.

If you feel this same call, join us.

Thunderfall Clan

Lok'tar ogar!

Shindu Quel'sin

For those who believe we must change our philosophy to survive for our present, and secure our future. And for those who see the fear in the eyes of our brethren and seek to find the reason why...


Code of Conduct

Sisters of Elune and Silver Hand Roleplaying Guild Alliance is working to maintain the best possible gameplay experience by ensuring that each of our members is held to a higher standard. Members of the guilds must agree to follow these guidelines at all times.

  1. All guilds in the alliance are roleplaying guilds and members of the alliance are expected to remain In Character (IC) at all times in all public channels. This includes /say, /yell, and /party.
  2. Guild chat, Alliance chat, and Global and Player-created channels (Trade, General, Defense, etc) are Out-of-Character (OOC). If you absolutely cannot avoid talking OOC in the IC channels, use double parentheses ((...)) around your statement to show that you are speaking OOC.
  3. Guild members will maintain a guild alliance chat channel (details online in guild information) for guild alliance members to use. Members are encouraged by not required to join this channel, as it keeps the channel alive with settings intact as long as there is someone online. This chat channel is for guild alliance members only. As a rule, the character who is speaking in the channel must be an active member of one of the member guilds. Please do not give the channel information to any non-member, as this is just -begging- for harassment.
  4. This channel is assumed to be OOC, Double parentheses are not required, nor is any explanation of how it is possible for people to speak at a distance.
  5. The above two rules are somewhat flexible, depending on who you're talking to and what groups you're in. It's not necessary to get bent out of shape or even say anything at all if someone slips once or twice, only if it becomes a chronic problem. The rule of thumb is you should be as in-character as the most in-character person in your group. (i.e. if you are in a group chatting mostly OOC and somebody entering the discussion begins to use double parentheses, it is polite to do the same)
  6. Guild members should have the capacity to type in complete sentences with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Even if the character is to speak with an accent or dialect (usually a dwarf or a troll) proper capitalization and punctuation is expected. While we can be lenient for someone who's willing to learn, that person would be expected to take the time to learn and practice.
  7. Guild members are held to a higher standard regarding the naming of their characters. All of Blizzard's rules for Roleplaying servers apply. Beyond that, we expect characters to choose a given name for their characters appropriate to the setting and race. No surnames, nicknames, or "nounverbers" (i.e. "Windwalker" or "Nightrunner") are acceptable for first names. The rule of thumb is if you would not introduce yourself to your boyfriend's/girlfriend's parents as that name before asking their blessing to marry their child, the name is not acceptable for the guild.
  8. In addition, character names should be original and created by the player. "Rip-off" names (names taken from movies/novels/etc) are a gray area in the naming policy and will be judged on a case-by-case basis that looks at the likelihood of the player coming up with the name on their own, if the name is unique to one specific source, and if the character's race/class seem to indicate a parallel between the WoW avatar and the source character.
  9. Be humble and realistic in roleplaying your character's history. No dog-/cat-/mouse-/ferrett-/vampire-people, no "I am the most awesome and famous hero of Azeroth," and for the love of everything holy no "I am the lovechild of Thrall and James T. Kirk!" Character biographies should not include any in-game accomplishments. Everyone's killed Van Cleef in-game. Everyone has Jaina's signet ring. And more than a few have chopped off Onyxia's head. To claim any of that in a personal character biography is just arrogant. Don't try to be an attention whore, and please keep everything PG-13.
  10. While wearing the tag of any allied guild, you are representing the alliance as a whole. Be mature and respectful to other people. Griefing by guild members will not be tolerated at all. This doesn't mean that if someone being a jerk to you that you have to take it. If you are being harassed/griefed/whatever, assume that the other person is also representing their guild as a whole. Contact their guild leader or, if it becomes a chronic problem, refuse to deal with their guild members.
  11. If you have a problem with another guild alliance member, your first step should be talking to them about it. If you can't resolve the problem, talk to an officer or guild leader. Do not come to the forums or guild chats and make your problem public. It's expected that you should deal with everyone in Warcraft in a mature manner, and that goes doubly so for fellow guild members.
  12. If you decide to leave the guild for any reason, contact the Guild Master of your particular guild and tell them why. Internal conflicts may be better resolved by the guild leader. Conflicts that arise due to the player being mistaken about the nature of the guilds (most commonly the small size) are harder to solve but may still be legitimate grievances.
Leaving the guilds without a word to anyone is a supreme act of cowardice which may cause players to be met with hostility by their former guildmates.


Game Etiquette

Related to Roleplaying

Some commonly found conventions in-game (and those that should be common)

  1. Use double parentheses to indicate out of character speech
  2. Be in character in the /say and /yell channels always
  3. Be considerate of others in other channels if they are in character
  4. If you see a group of people interacting and would like to join it, whisper one of them and ask if it is okay for you to join in rather than just crashing their scene, as they may be acting out something scripted and do not want others at this time. Many, if not most, times people enjoy new interaction, but be aware this might not always be the case.
  5. If happen to come across players (and you will) who are running around claiming to be the second incarnation of Cenarius, cat people, dog people, the love child of Jaina and Thrall, the best thing to do is to treat them as a crazy person (in character). If they're harassing, report them. And put them on ignore as soon as you can't take their antics.
Related to Gameplay

  1. It is polite that if someone is mining a node, do not try to mine the same node. This goes for Herbalism, Skinning, and Gas Clouds too.

  2. It is acceptable to help someone kill a mob so long as there is not a huge level difference between you and them. If there is a great many levels between you, only kill the mob if you are almost absolutely sure that without your assistance they will die. If a high level player follows a low level around and helps them kill, it saps the experience gain of the low level player even if the low level player taps everything.
  3. Most of our members work on our tradeskills significantly, and several have rare patterns. If you're looking for gear, see what they might be able to make you, but do not automatically assume that they will use their own goods (which probably required farming) to make you whatever you want. Some things they might, but anticipating having to gather or buy your own materials.
  4. On the flip side, if you have trade materials you have no use for, ask around or look in the guild details to see who might be able to use them. You are not required to donate your materials, but consider helping other guild or alliance members.
Related to Grouping

Our Members

  1. We have no mandatory loot rules for the alliance, but follow the principle of need before greed. If something is an upgrade for someone, they probably will be given more consideration than someone who has just about outleveled the gear or wants it for looks.

  2. We generally function by leaving the loot on free for all, and cleaning corpses of all except for bind on pickup items. Then if you want it, speak to the party and declare your interest. If others are interested roll /random 100, and the high roll wins.

  3. If you need components (cloth, trade drops, etc) that you see others picking up ask for it! Chances are if they don't need it, they'll be happy to hand it over. This goes as well for bind on equip gear that drops.
  4. You are not required to roleplay through an instance as some are just too intense to do that, but if you speak in the say channel, that is expected to be in character. The group channel is out of character but you are still expected to maintain a decent level of coherence in your speech (except for the times you're running in terror and smashing the keyboard of course).

  1. A good indicator of whether you want to group with someone even for low quests is attempt to introduce yourself in character in /say and then make your request. This is useful for two reasons, one, you can see if the person is capable of responding in sentences, and if they respond with something like "Lol, sur u n00b" that gives you even more information about the type of group mate they would be.
  2. The most important thing to keep in mind while grouping with others is this is the most important time to behave in a mature fashion. Others will draw conclusions on the quality of your guilds by how well you represent us in group runs. So don't be a jerk.
  3. It is always a good idea before going on a dungeon run with people to ask what the loot rules are. On most groups the group loot settings are used, which round robin on green loot and lower, and on bind on pickup pop a roller. It is polite to ask if you can need something before you do. Some groups have limits such as one blue pickup per person during the run. Raids even go so far as to have any pickup members excluded from the loot entirely, so it is always better to ask than to be unpleasantly surprised later.
  4. If there is a dispute during a group, which cannot be resolved such as ninja looters, someone being exceptionally foul mouthed, or just being an all around jerk; it is proper to inform the guild leader (or a guild officer if the leader is not on) to their member's misconduct. Don't expect restoration of items, but if they blow you off entirely or respond in a rude way to your concerns, inform your guild leader so the rest of the alliance members can avoid the guild.
Related to the Roleplaying Alliance

  1. We help out each other as much as possible, but aim to help others as much as you ask for help
  2. Do not expect just because we have high leveled characters that you will get free ride of materials, runs through instances, and high level gear. Players with high leveled characters worked hard for what they have, and what they will give you or help you with will often have a direct correlation to how much they see you're giving back to the guilds

  3. We make no rules as to what to do with the loot that is rightfully yours; however, if you do pick up patterns that you cannot use, consider distributing them to the others in your guild (or among the alliance) who could use them. (For most of the guilds, the publicly viewable note is a personís tradeskills). We do realize that everyone needs to make some money, if only for mounts for those who are approaching level 30 or 70. It's your stuff, do with it what you want.
  4. The Alliance channel will be treated as out of character unless otherwise announced. There is no in character enforcement of this channel because there are no mechanics in the character's world that allows unlimited distance telepathy for all people.


Potential Recruits
  1. These guilds are an exclusive community with very high standards. They will never be very large. If you're looking for a guild with a lot of raiding potential or you always need to have someone else online to pay attention to you, these guilds are not for you. It is rather common for no one from any guild to be online at any given time. We (the guild leaders) do not expect this to change much. If a hundred people who meet the criteria suddenly appear out of nowhere and want to join, that's great, but we're not holding our breath.
  2. We've had people join only to take advantage of the general goodwill among our members with the intent of progressing quickly through the game content in order to join a raiding guild later. Please, please do not waste our time with this. The guild leaders are getting to the point where people may be excluded or removed due to indications of this behavior. It would be better for everyone to not waste our time in the first place.
  3. We've also been having problems contacting people in-game, either because the characters don't come online, or they go offline too quick to get a message to them. So if you don't play the character very often, please leave additional contact information (e-mail addresses, alternate character names, etc). If nobody talks to you, that means nobody can find you!
  4. To continue from #3, do not expect us to devote all our time looking for you. Follow up your application in-game. Too many people have posted on the forum expecting someone to wait around for days until they come online. Nearly all of our recruitment issues are handled by one person (Dartien) because he has the best track record for evaluating potential recruits. If you see him online (usually hanging out in front of the bank in Stormwind City), then send him a whisper or a mail. If not, a member of any of the guilds can usually point you in the right direction. Remember, guild officers have alts too. If nobody from any of the guilds is on, try again later or see #1.

If you have read the Code of Conduct and you are still interested in joining, either secure a recommendation from an existing member, contact Dartien in-game either by whisper (please check his location and do not interrupt instance runs) or mail, or drop an e-mail to:


Guilds Seeking to Join

Sisters of Elune Roleplaying Guild Alliance was created to provide a centralized group of roleplayers on the server, to keep roleplayers from feeling lost in a sea of netkiddies and cliques. By providing a common channel and rules, roleplayers can choose the guild tag that's right for their character while remaining in contact with a large group of like-minded people.

If your guild is looking to join the alliance, first go to the Code of Conduct and read the rules listed there. Each and every one of your guild members must meet those requirements before your guild is admitted.

After that, make sure that the theme of your guild does not conflict with the themes of any already-established guild. It's better to join an already-established guild rather than try to separate off into your own clique and alienate yourselves from the guild alliance.

Once that's finished, drop an e-mail (to the address below) stating your guild's name, an outline of what your guild is about, and your reasons for joining.

Once guild members have spent time with alliance members, the council of guild leaders will meet to determine whether the applying guild will be formally admitted and the guild leader admitted to the alliance council.


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